Welcome Back! We’re So Glad You’re Here!

Though we begin the school year in online format once again, we look forward to new adventures in the world of learning. The start of each new year ushers in important transitions in your lives as you seek to define their own identity in the world around you.
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Latest News

Student Spotlight Salima Ellyse Barrow

In a climate of mutual respect, understanding and dialogue, each student at SCA is encouraged to discover her giftedness and to achieve in accordance with her personal potential. We’re proud to showcase Salima Ellyse Barrow who has flourished under all these ideals. She is the founder of the “Dream Up Initiative“ which supplies teenage girls in poor and rural communities with sanitary products and other essentials. These are especially needed now due to the financial strains brought on by the pandemic. Watch the video to learn more about her project and initiatives.

SCA Participates in "The Circle of Mercy" International Virtual Recording

Santa Ethnea, one of our sister Mercy School located in Argentina, celebrated 90 years this year and to commemorate this occasion collaborated with several international Mercy Schools to bring together an online virtual recording of the iconic “The Circle of Mercy” song by sister Jeannette Goglia RSM. In this video she explains her inspiration for the song and how it came to materialize as well as feature the recording taken of the many students performing the piece, including some of our very own from St. Catherine’s Academy. We’re really proud to have been a part of the collaboration and wish Santa Ethnea many more prosperous years to come.