Entrance Requirements and Procedures

SCA welcomes your application as a Standard VI student or secondary school transferee and will make every effort to assist you.

Prospective students are accepted based on the number of spaces available in the freshman class, recommendations, and satisfactory academic performance in English and Math as reflected by your Standard IV, V, VI and PSE scores. Transfer students, please visit our Transfer Student Page.

Additionally, our admission require:

  1. A completed Student Application Form. You can Download the application here and apply now.
  2. That you provide evidence of good conduct and satisfactory academic performance via the submission of 2 completed Recommendation Forms; one completed by the principal and the other by your most recent math/English teacher of the school you are currently attending.
  3. All prospective applicants to have completed Standard VI at a registered primary school and have sat the Belize Primary School Examination.
  4. Attendance at an interview with the Academy’s Principal and/or a team of faculty members if required to do so.
  5. That you obtain an official Letter of Acceptance from the Principal’s Office. Applicants who applied but did not receive a Letter of Acceptance may request to be placed on the Academy’s freshman class waiting list and may be accepted if a space becomes available.
  6. All prospective students and at least one of their parents/guardians attend the Academy’s official registration for the freshman class.
  7. Proof of nationality of the prospective student be submitted at the time of registration.
  8. The registration fee of $30.00 and the activity and computer fee of $450.00 for the first year be paid on the freshman class registration day.  (The registration fee includes payment for a copy of the Parent/Guardian/Student Handbook). Also, the official schoolbook list will be provided to you upon registration.
  9. All applicants and one of their parents/guardians to sign and submit to the Principal’s Office the Students Discipline Agreement, Tattoo Registration form (if applicable) and the Internet Use Agreement Sign Sheet by mid-October of the school year.
  10. Payment of school activity fees and computer lab fees be made before school re-opens.  Parents/Guardians may see the Bursar to arrange appropriate payment plan if they are unable to pay the fees by the stipulated time.
  11. Freshmen with averages below 80% or less than C in PSE Math or English to enroll in the Summer School Programme for Math and English.   A student may choose to enroll in another subject area, namely Spanish or Literature.  A fee is charged per subject and must be paid on registration day.
  12. All freshmen to attend orientation day the Friday before school reopens.


If you believe you meet our requirements, we encourage you to apply online now. Admissions for freshman usually open mid-February each year and closes Mid-march. We can’t wait to see you on our campus!